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Newspapers/National Headlines:

The Chicago Sun Times, Sunday, December 28,1998: Auction Aweigh for Fastest Ocean Liner, by Jennifer Brown (The Associated Press).

The same story appeared in the following Sunday editions of these

The Baltimore Sun (December 28, 1998).
The Houston Chronicle (January 4, 1999).
The Detroit News (December 28, 1998).
The Ft. Worth Press Telegram (March 1999).
The Gainesville Tribune (March 1999).
The Chicago Tribune (April 25, 1999).

The New York Times, Sunday, April 4th, 1999: Group Battles to Save Luxury Liner Big U and Glory of Its Day, by Iver Peterson.

The same story also appeared in the following Sunday Editions of the same

The Dallas Morning News.
The Denver Post.
The Pittsburgh Gazette.
The Lexington Herald.
The Detroit News.

The New York Times, Tuesday, June 8, 1999: Luxury Liner is Added to Historic Register, by the Associated Press.

The same story also appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer of the same day.
Additionally, this story appeared in dozens of local newspapers around the country. It was also picked up as a news item by hundreds of Radio and TV stations across the country.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tuesday, September 7, 1999: One Man's Dream: Sail on, o ship of United States, by Julie Stoiber.

The New York Times, Sunday, October 3, 1999: Group Tries to Transform Rusting Cruise Ship into Museum, By Denis O'Brien (picked up as a story by the Associated Press).

The same story also appeared in the following newspapers:

The Philadelphia Inquirer (Oct. 3).
The Washington Times (Oct. 6).

Newspapers: local headlines/letters to the editor.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, May 17, 1998: America, save your ship!, a letter to the editor by Michael Alfano.

The Daily Press, Friday, June 19, 1998: Save the superliner, a letter to the
editor by Michael Alfano.

The Philadelphia Daily News, November 14, 1998:

The Sun News, January 13th, 1999: Fighting to Save 'The Big U', by Bob Bestler.

The Sun News, Sunday, January 24, 1999: Fond Memories of Ship Stream in, by Bob Bestler.

The Philadelphia City Paper, February 11, 1999: Float this Boat, by Jennifer Darr play opap online.

The Philadelphia Daily News, Wednesday, March 10, 1999: Historic Status may come to SS United States, by Gloria Campisi.

The Tampa Tribune,
Sunday April 11th, 1999: Making the Hard Choices About What is Worth Saving, Edwin A. Roberts.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Monday, June 7th, 1999: Arnold Agency leads ad campaign to save 59,000-ton cruise liner, by Bob Rayner.

The Philadelphia City Paper
, July 2, 1999: C'mon Baby, Light My Stack, staff writer.

The Daily Press, Saturday, October 2, 1999: Group Seeks Yard's Support to Save SS United States.


Nautical World, June 1998: Hope for 'Big U', by Robert Hudson Westover.

Soundings, the Nation's Boating Newspaper, September 1998: Big U: forgotten, but floating, by Jack Sherwood.

December 1998 (an entire page of letters in response to the September article--the largest single letter writing response in the publication's history.

September 1999: IN, by photographer Christopher Makos.

Steamboat Bill, Winter 1999: Keeping up Steam, by William M. Worden.

International News:

Reuters, March 12, 1999: SS United States May Sail Again, As a Museum, by David Morgan. This story was picked up by media throughout the world. It can even be found on the ArabiaCulture Web site.

The BBC World News, March 13, 1999: World: Americas, Ocean-liner monument bid, by a staff writer.

Broadcast Media/National and International:
ABC News, Ship of State: Curt Epstein reporting.

CNN, Drive Underway to Restore Relic Ocean Liner: Frank Buckley reporting.

Broadcast Media/Local:

CBS Morning News, Philadelphia.

NBC News, Philadelphia.

ABC News, Houston TX, Lancaster PA and Philadelphia.

ABC News, Canada.


Johannesburg Radio, South Africa: December 28, 1998.

WJR, Philadelphia: April 5, 1999.

WKQI, Detroit: January 3, 1999.

KWY, Philadelphia: Mark Drucker reporting.

WWBT Talk Radio, Philadelphia: September 8, 1999.

The BBC World News: September 8, 1999.
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